Davies Park Markets

Pimientos de Padron
Peppers in hands

An old Spanish tradition has found its way to the Davies Park Market this season again!

PIMIENTOS DE PADRON are small green peppers (5-7 centimetres long) unique to Padron, a region of south west Galicia in north west Spain, around 22 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela. Galicia is famous for its green landscape, spectacular coastline, high rainfall and delicious organic products from both the sea and land.

Davies Park Markets

Happy Hens of the Davies Park Market

Davies Park Market aims to support sustainable pasture farming, which promotes the health and well-being of hens. As of November, the only eggs sold at the market will be straight from our small-scale farmers or certified organic stalls!  The well-being of Australian hens and of our farmers is important to us and we believe it is to you as well.