Past Events in the Community


Festive Recycling 

Throughout Queensland & Nationwide (26 Dec 2012 - 2 Jan 2013)

 Between Christmas, New Year and Australia Day Australians produce more recycling than any other time of the year. Which is why Planet Ark and Australia Post are encouraging everyone to have a clean and green festive period.

For more info, go to:
Planet Ark Website 

PassionArt Exhibition

West End (23-25 November 2012)

Some of the artists involved in the exciting local PassionArt Exhibition will be at Davies Park Market letting patrons know all about the works on display and for sale.

Master Artist Marcel Desbiens will be at the opening tonight November 23 from 6pm. However it will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 4pm.
It all takes place at the Circle Gallery (above Art Shed) on Montague Road in West End.

Admission is free and the exhibition  will be paintings from a selection of artists of differing styles with something for everyone.
For further information just call 0409 641 426.


Winter Sleepout 

Throughout Queensland & Nationwide (4-12 August 2012)

While most Australians spend winter nights at home with the heater on, there are an estimated 105,000 homeless individuals in Australia. Mission Australia raises funds and awareness during the Winter Sleepout by encouraging people to leave the comfort of their homes and spend one night as a homeless person to see how difficult it really is.
You can either:
- Get involved in a local sleepout
- Organise a sleepout of your own
- Organsie a PJ day at your workplace or school
For more info, go to:
Winter Sleepout (Mission Australia) Website 



Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound 

Earth Awakening Centre, 9 Browning Street (12 August 2012 @ 7:30pm)


Although the longing for love, knowledge and happiness in human beings is natural, in this world it is almost impossible to find. Faced with problems of everyday life, we may wonder: "What is the meaning of my life? Who am I? Where did I come from? How can I find peace and contentment?"


The aim of meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound is to know ourselves as soul and unite with our higher self, the Supreme Being. Meditation helps us to live in harmony with others, to respect all living beings, and to fully develop as a human being. It is the source of love, contentment and peace.