Ban of Single use Plastic Bags
admin : May 18th, 2018

For those who are not aware yet, Queensland Government will ban single use plastic bags as of July 2018. That means that from then on you might need to carry your groceries in reusable bags, compostable/bio-degradable bags, hessian or jute bags, your hands, pockets, cardboard boxes, whatever, there’s plenty of options, but NO PLASTIC !!!


PFWE markets


Davies Park Market will have a group of volunteers from a community group Plastic Free West ( that is working towards eliminating the most common single-use plastic items such as bags, coffee cups, straws, containers and bottles. The program which will be rolled out across the 4101 postcode throughout 2018 will assist businesses and individuals to transition away from plastic waste by recommending easy and readily-available alternatives to disposable plastics. We encourage stall-holders to reduce their plastic waste and customers to bring their own reusables to the markets each week – shopping bags, produce bags and containers, as well as reusable coffee cups, plates and utensils if dining in.
You will have a chance to chat in person with these beautiful people what it’s all about this Saturday and more to come.


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