Help us raise $10,000 for West End’s most vulnerable this Christmas
admin : December 11th, 2015

Donate a Gold Coin or Buy a Bag

Christmas is the season for giving and we’ve jumped in and donated $5,000 to West End Community House.

Help us get that figure to $10,000 by donating a gold coin when you come to the Markets this Saturday.

If you are feeling a bit more generous you can purchase one of our great tote bags. They are only $5.00 and the whole amount will be donated to this awesome, program-packed community organisation.

Want to know more about West End Community House?

West End Community House assists all people to find pathways to find support and services which will enhance their daily lives. The community space is a hive of activity with many free programs run throughout each week to increase social connectedness, provide an outlet and allow people to enjoy the company of other local people. There is also free tea, coffee and drinks, space to sit and chat, often free food and emergency assistance for those who do not have the funds to provide food for themselves or their family.

We are a soft entry point and conduit to other services which can help the most vulnerable people in the community. We also provide a space where a bulk-billing psychologist can meet with those who are unable to access this service due to financial constraints.

The Community Garden is literally a growing haven of edible foods where permaculture experts and staff are working with local people to provide a space which helps to feed people healthy, organic food in West End.

The garden program feeds directly into the Borders Breakfast program where 50 – 70 people receive a free hot breakfast for 10 months of the year. This is staffed by Community Plus+ and a team of dedicated volunteers who prepare, cook and serve some of West End’s most vulnerable people alongside those who want to connect with others in their community.

The Art program has free art supplies for people to explore their artistic side and a staff member to facilitate and guide their art practice. This usually attracts those who would usually feel marginalised or are unable to afford their own art supplies but are wanting to enjoy the practice of painting, drawing, collage and many other mediums.

About Community Plus+

Community Plus+ harnesses the strengths, resources and capacities of local people, including those most marginalized, in order to increase the wellbeing of the whole community. We host community led programs including art groups, community gardens, computer literacy classes. We also help people find support for personal issues, promote community projects and host volunteers who want to be active in their local community. Community Plus+ create welcoming and active spaces, resource and connect local residents, community groups, schools and businesses.
Our vision
“A community that is more equal, more connected and more empowered”.

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