Come to the Market and support the Tibetan Education Fund?
admin : November 6th, 2015

Did you know there are two stalls selling Tibetan food & produce at the Market every week?  One of them sells fresh made Tibetan dumplings also known as ‘Momos’ (yes, they are delicious) and the second one is right opposite and sells traditional Tibetan jewellery, books and accessories.

Ever since since 2012, the Market stall has raised funds to support Tibetan communities living both in Brisbane and in Tibet. The man behind this venture is Wanday Dondrup, a youngest son of a family that has gone through hardship to give their children better education and future. Wanday’s mission is to help achieve a better environment for Tibetan children to grow and develop. You can find out more about this man here.

About The Fund

The Tibetan Education Fund (TEF) is a charitable organization. It was officially launched in August 2008. TEF is a response by a group of people who are concerned about the plight of the children in Tibet, They choose to be involved in helping to better the future of these children. TEF knows there is real success availabmonks-of-rebkong-950x730le for the Tibetan children and seeks to build on current success.

A Focus of Compassion

The focus of the fund is to address some of the issues faced by poor and marginalized Tibetan youth. These very young kids will have few work opportunities and prospects in the Tibetan regions unless they have formal teaching. One such issue the fund is concerned with is the amount of high school students whom after failing their university entrance exam, return to either farming or informal labor. They have few or no alternatives for work or education.

The Forgotten Ones

The cycle of poverty produces ‘forgotten’ people who have to fend for themselves. It is these ‘forgotten’ ones who concern us most. Our passion is to try to answer their calls for help. We believe education is a path to freedom and liberation for young Tibetan. We hope that through education, compassion and guidance we will help in a small way to promote world peace.

The generosity of our friends in Australia and abroad have made it possible. We have now sponsored around 164 disadvantaged children from all over Tibet.  Those who are now in middle school, college or university.

Sponsoring Children

We are sponsoring chdorshul-students-with-new-chairs-and-tables-2011-2-350x280ildren from all over Tibet. They are attending middle school, college and university. We have managed to renovate a few schools as well. Stationery for schools around the Tibetan regions is also supplied by us. Some ongoing medical bills for a few needy people are granted. We have also managed to open  a new child care centre for poor farmers’ kids in 2012. Currently we have 47 students with two teachers.

 We would not be able to do all these project without your generous  support. So we would like to thank all those who have helped us so  far. On behalf of those children that are able to continue their  development and now have a brighter future, we also thank you.





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