Happy New Year
admin : January 4th, 2013

While the flavours of the festive season keep us all on a hearty high, it is often followed by post party remorse.
Even though the most common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and exercise more, it should also be noted that other to-do tasks are to spend time with family and friends, learn something new, help others and enjoy life more.

All of your internalised intentions for 2013 can be achieved with regular visits to Davies Park Market! Twenty Thirteen promises to be a fantastic year with many sumptuous surprises for each season. Come face to face with the farmers who nurture their crops for nutritional advice, support the community via the regular Not-for-profit organisations who raise awareness at our conscientious weekly event and pick up must-have products from local stallholders.

It all begins this Saturday January 5 – so give up the guilt and get yourself a goal that’s easy to keep!

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